Your Image.

Your Impression.

Creating an image you create impression.

Impression is emotional and remain in your memory. It depends on you which memory you want to create. I have the tools to do it.

Nowadays it is essential to manage your online presence. It depends on you how you present yourself to your public, which image you create and how you transmit it to your audience .

Ask yourself: what are your goals with your image? Do you have a plan about the impressions you wish to transmit? According to psychologists we have 7 seconds to create a first impression and the 55% of it depends on what we see. It applies to your image and what you represent as well, your brand, your company. Your image, your impression.

Have you ever wondered about how to get exact seconds, unexpected happy feelings suddenly captured to preserve them forever? Those waves you catch that perfect day of the swell, the beauty in a proposal on the beach, your newborn baby’s beautiful eyes looking into your soul… I could continue mentioning those moments we never want to fade and wish to keep them with us not only in our memories but as photos. Being able to see them anytime and escape to that time to feel it over and over again is priceless. Creating images we create memories and we conserve impressions.